Group Rates

Planning a group outing?
Whether your group is 20 or 200, ages 8 to 80, Lilli Putt is the answer to your group’s needs!
Contact us today at (763) 755-1450 or email us at [email protected]. Tell us who you are, which organization, day and time you’re interested, and we will be happy to fulfill your group’s needs. Rates apply to Monday – Friday only.

*Group reservations must be made a minimum of 3 days in advance/prior to arrival *

*Groups must be at least 20 people to qualify for group rate*

*ALL NEW FOOD OPTIONS FOR GROUPS! Hot dog and chips meal or a 2 pizza slice meal. Both options come with bottled water! Call or email for pricing! (Not included in standard group rates. Meals are an additional amount.)

Gemstone Mining$5.00
Golf + 1 Ride$9.50
Golf and Mining$10.00
Golf + 2 Rides$12.00
Golf, Mining, + 1 Ride$13.00
Golf + 3 Rides$15.00
Golf and Ride 2 hour unlimited$19.95

*Group rates are per person with minimum of 20 people