Group Rates

Planning a group outing?
Whether your group is 20 or 200, ages 8 to 80, Lilli Putt is the answer to your group’s needs!
Contact us today at (763) 755-1450 or email us at Tell us who you are, which organization, day and time you’re interested, and we will be happy to fulfill your group’s needs. Rates apply to Monday – Friday only.

*Group reservations must be made in advance/prior to arrival*

*Groups must be at least 20 people to qualify for group rate*

Gemstone Mining$5.00
Golf + 1 Ride$9.50
Golf and Mining$10.00
Golf + 2 Rides$12.00
Golf, Mining, + 1 Ride$13.00
Golf + 3 Rides$15.00
Golf and Ride 2 hour unlimited$19.95